Insurance Inspection Services

Wind Mitigation Inspection

The Wind Mitigation Inspection allows us to identify features of your home that will give you residual discount on your insurance premiums.  Our goal is to maximize every discount that you deserve based on the construction of your home.  Insurance companies will assume no discount on homes built before 2003 until the information from this wind mitigation inspection is submitted to our carrier which will deflate your premiums while maximizing your discounts.

4 Point Inspection

Four Point Inspection are required by insurance providers before they will consider writing a policy for any home that is typically older than 30 years.  The age of the home can vary as some providers are now requiring it on any home that they insure.  The insurance companies are obviously trying to avoid writing policies for any home that may already have a condition that poses a threat for a potential claim that could have been prevented through the identification of the problem through these inspections.

Opening Protection Verification

The opening protection verification allows us to identify features that protect all opening in the home for discounts with home owners insurance.

Citizen’s Roof Inspection

The Citizen’s Roof Inspection is conducted when the insurance company is wanting to know the condition or the balance of the roofs life expectancy.