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Mold Air Quality Testing

There are a couple different tests that are available that can give you information to help reduce the risk of elevated measures of mold in your home.  The first option is a physical swab that can be retrieved when the mold is visually present. This can then be sent to the labs to identify the type of mold that was observed.  The second option is to collect the air sampling in the home.  This air test is typically retrieved from a centrally located area in the home.  This test will indicate levels of air born mold spore counts that were collected at the time of the sampling.  We send all samples to a certified lab who will evaluate and determine the finding while producing a detailed report.  We will then deliver the report to you typically within hours of the time from when the samples were collected.

Radon Testing

Studies show that up to 1 in every 5 homes have elevated levels of radon.  The question is, does yours?

Radon is not isolated to areas of the country that construct their homes with basements.  Elevated levels of radon are relevant issues here in Southwest Florida as well.  Most homes will obviously have some level of Radon present, but our desire is to identify if the radon levels are elevated to a point in which some remediation is necessary to prevent any health risks.  You may never know if elevated radon levels are present. You cannot see, smell, feel or taste this gas.  Radon is the second highest cause of lung cancer here in the United States.  Families with children maybe even more concerned as children are more sensitive to elevated levels of Radon.

There are studies published by the US EPA that disclose that 1 in every 5 homes have elevated measures of Radon present.  That results in over 8 million homes with elevated measures of radon.  Studies show that both Lee and Collier county have radon levels that are very close to the national average.

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