Additional Inspection Types

What does a dock inspection included?

Our inspectors can identify and inspect the visible conditions of the dock, but we network with other local Dock and Piling specialist to evaluate the structural support of your pilings.  This inspection and evaluation is an additional service, but is one that can be ordered to give you the peace of mind that your dock is secure.

The largest structural enemy to your dock are ship worms which are also known as Marine Borers.  These Marine Borers eat away at the wood pilings to the point in which the complete structural integrity and support to your dock is compromised.

Do you know if this lift is suitable for the boat you plan on storing?

Boat lifts are designed for specific water crafts and weight loads and it should be noted that not every boat lift will meet the needs for every boat owner.  There is a good chance that the boat you plan on storing may not be compatible with the intent that the current boat lift was intended to store.  Boat lifts are never operated when a boat is stored on the lift due to the liability at hand. Our company networks with local boat lift specialist to assist you in understanding if the current set up will meet the needs you have based on the type of water vessel you plan on storing.  They will also inspect and evaluate the current condition and operations of the boat lift that is currently present.  Call our today and let us know if we can coordinate this service for you through a local reputable boat lift company.

What are some of the threats to a seawall and what does the inspection include?

Seawalls are made to withstand heavy loads of pressure, but it is also crucial that they also allow for proper drainage of water.  The salt water can also have a corrosive effect and extreme weather can test the design of these walls. A regular evaluation and proper maintenance of these walls can prevent small issues from becoming major problems and expenses down the road.  Seawalls are not typically covered by insurance and undetected problems can become the sole responsibility of the home owner.  Many sea walls are reaching the later stages of their life expectancies and need to be evaluated for their structural integrity. Our desire is to offer every home buyer has as much information as they desire from an unbiased professional in hopes of preventing any unexpected surprises down the road.

What do Seawall Inspections include?

It should assess the physical condition while giving a projection of the remaining life expectancy.   This evaluation will also include recommendation for maintenance as well as repairs that may be needed.

What type of sea wall construction exists in our area?

The most common type of sea wall in our area are concrete sea walls.  Other seawalls may include vinyl, wood, steel/ aluminum, composite or even stone.

What common issues are typically observed during seawall inspection?

Deficiencies in seawalls may include cracks and brown rust stains throughout the wall.  Sometimes soil loss and erosion can affect the integrity of the wall.  Corroded tie rods can compromise the strength, performance and life expectancy of the seawall.  It is also not uncommon to find re-bar that is compromised and rusting out.  You may observe walls that are starting to shear, break apart or lean as a result of some of the key structural components that could be failing.

We work with local seawall professionals to give you the best information possible.  This is not a part of the standard home inspection, but is an additional service that can be added through a local sea wall professional to give you the power of making the best educated decision when purchasing your home.

Most pool inspections identify defects or maintenance issues that often far exceed the cost of the pool inspection.  Pool inspections typically have a very good return on their investment as these findings are often either negotiated or properly repaired before the closing. 

Swimming pools and spas are a common feature to so many homes in southwest Florida.  Our experience tells us that pool inspections are one of the best investments a buyer will make.  Pool repairs will cost hundreds of dollars and can easily move into the thousands of dollars dependent upon the extent of the issues.  I strongly urge every buyer to consider ordering a pool inspection to prevent any surprises that you did not budget for when purchasing this home.

Each pool is unique and needs to be evaluated by someone who understands the complexities and operations of these systems. A swimming pool system has many moving parts.  It is crucial that each part of the system is operating well independently so that this system functions collectively as it is designed.  The pool equipment such as pumps, filters and heaters will be engaged so that the operations can be observed and defects will be noted during the course of this inspection.  The condition of the pool surface will be noted as well as other visual deficiencies.

How is the septic inspection basically Free? 

Nobody wants to be surprised after the purchase of a home by having the previous owner’s sewage backing up into your new home!  It is highly suggested that home buyers pump the septic tank when taking ownership of a home.  This is normal maintenance for homes on a septic system.   There is a good chance that you will perform this same service after you take ownership of the home.  The information in regards to the condition of the system will not be useful in negotiating after this transaction has taken place.  The inspection includes the system being pumped and is basically the same price as the pump itself.  We consider this evaluation almost free because it is something that you will likely perform in the near future anyway.  We have no desire to upsell you on what services should be performed, but we do desire to educate you so that you will be in the best position to make the best decision before you make the investment in your next home.  Most people would rather have the information on a potential defective system before we purchase our new home?  Most home buyers desire this information in hopes of negotiating these expenses and not having to bear the burden of this cost alone.

When it may not make sense to do this inspection?

It is possible that the current home owners maintained and pumped the system as well as had it evaluated before listing their home.  You may want to inquire if they had performed this service and if you could reach out to the company who performed the service to further discuss the condition of the system.
You may have other major concerns about the home that you first want to be informed on before you add an additional expense such as pumping the septic tank.   That would be a reasonable and prudent position and we could schedule the septic inspection after clearance of these items if the inspection period on the contract allows for that extra time frame.

This is not an inspection that we perform, but one that we can sub-contract with a local septic company.  We would be happy to coordinate their services to also be performed for you at the same time as our inspection.  Call our office for pricing and further questions.